Hussein ( Al ) Saleh Ottum is the founder of eFinancial Group & eFinancial Capital Corop., and has worked in the financial services industry& Business World for the past 40 years. He is an expert in alternative lending, origination, risk analysis, mortgage services and fund management.

His unique abilities in assessing risk and managing mortgage investments have allowed him to grow. As investors which his groups are sophisticated underwriters and administration teams servicing since 2003. H. ( Al ) dedication and commitment to each investor, and his mandate of “Preservation of Capital” resulted in the advocating of his founding investors. His conservative approach, sophisticated investment methodology, and short-term liquidity requirements have led to the success of this portfolio

Hussein ( Al ) Saleh Ottum B C. from the University of Windsor & IMBA from Macdonald College Montreal

SENIOR MANAGER – eFinancial Group

Dr. Mohammed Al-Saleh works as a Senior Manager at eFinancial Group of companies since 2012. Dr. Al-Saleh has significant experience in Business operations, financial business and Human Resource management for both companies, eFinancial Group companies and Centum Bank Street Mortgage Inc. He brings decades of experience in business as well as an education back grounded. Dr. Al-Saleh recently completed his Ph.D in Public Management from the university of Ottawa and MBA financial services from the University of Quebec in Montreal.  Dr. Al-Saleh designated fellow the institute of Canadian Bankers

Dr. Al-Saleh has been involved in all phases of the firm’s development plans since 2012. Dr. Al-Saleh responsible for overall operations including investment decisions making, capital Investment and Human Resources.