Investing with eFinancial Capital Corp.

eFinancial administers a portfolio of mortgages.

Investors can invest in mortgage loans with eFinancial Capital Corp. as a participant in a syndicated mortgage. In this way you can choose the amount you want to invest in the mortgage and the kind of mortgage you want to invest in as opposed to a Pooled Mortgage Fund or Mortgage Trust. Focusing on investments in Toronto Ottawa, Canada’s largest and most established real estate market, we offer investors an opportunity to commit certain funds to mortgages to allow diversification of their investment portfolio and a facility to build net worth.

Loans have a term from twelve (12) months to two years, although most are one year. Loans are currently yielding investors between 8% to 10% per annum. There is generally a bonus for early prepayment. We collect an administrative fee of 0.5% – 0.75%, which is added to the interest rate charged to the borrower. The net return to the investor is disclosed prior to your commitment to fund a portion of the loan. All fees to arrange the loan are paid by the borrower including brokerage, appraisal, environmental, inspection, and legal fees.

Mortgage Investment Decisions

As a licensed mortgage broker, eFinancial Capital Corp. complies with the Mortgage Brokers Act of Ontario. An Investor’s Disclosure Form is provided and completed by the Investor. In addition, copies of appraisals, agreements of purchase and sale, and where applicable, environmental reports are posted on a file sharing website (Mediafire) for investors, to assist them in their investment decisions.

Security & Peace of Mind Investing

No investment is guaranteed, however eFinancial Capital Corp. is conservative in its lending approach, always considering an ‘exit strategy’ prior to committing to fund a mortgage. Although all mortgage investments contain some degree of risk, eFinancial Capital Corp. main goal is safeguarding principal, while maximizing the return.

Each mortgage loan is tailored to the level of risk tolerance and sophistication of the investor, ranging from the inexperienced and conservative individuals who rely on interest income every month, to experienced lenders with diverse asset portfolios who are more aggressive in their lending decisions.

Mortgages are registered in the name of eFinancial Capital Corp. in trust for the investors. A Trust and Management Agreement is provided with every mortgage investment.

Loans are title insured affording coverage for title problems and fraud, which is otherwise not covered by solicitors’ errors and omissions insurance.

First Source administers the mortgage to ensure that interest payments are made in a timely fashion and that property taxes and fire insurance premiums are all current.

Interest payments to investors are made via direct deposit through a secure system governed by a Financial Institution. Interest payments are deposited to investors’ accounts around the 10th of the month.

Become a First Source Investor

Becoming an investor is easy. The initial step is to arrange a meeting at our Head Office in Ottawa and talk with one of our management team. Together we will discuss your requirements in terms of rate of return, risk, cash flow and degree of sophistication.

Most mortgage loans are syndicated among two or more investors, and clients are encouraged to diversify their mortgage portfolio in terms of location, maturity, nature of property, and even rate of return and risk.

To start, simply fill out the investor registration form below.

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